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"Our mission is to empower vacation rental property owners with the technology and support to create their own website. We aim to offer the ultimate all in one solution to managing your properties online presence with ease, affordability and results."


Vabooki started it's life in 2010. Back then the main way of advertising a property online was to use large online listing websites. It was, however, obvious that these websites were quickly becoming increasingly crowded. Property owners in key tourism areas were being forced to reduce rates to compete with 100's of similar properties listed nearby. It was then that more and more vacation rental property owners began switching to advertising their property through their own website.

Unfortunately, many property owners could not afford the high cost of a custom designed website by a web design agency and instead attempted to create their own websites. Although creating your own website from scratch is an achievement in itself, the standard of self-made websites in the industry was low. It was here that the idea behind Vabooki was born. A system that allowed property owners to be as creative as they liked while still ensuring the end product is professional, user-friendly and fit for purpose.


The Vabooki team is based in Worcestershire, United Kingdom.


We have many ideas up our sleeves for the future and we're always seeking feedback and suggestions from our customers. So, if you have a suggestion please do let a member of our team know. We really do take every single one very seriously and update the Vabooki platform on a near daily basis.

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