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If you own a vacation rental apartment, your primary business is in bookings. Without bookings you won’t have guests and a rental apartment without guests is a business destined to fail. If we go back five years it was sufficient to simply list your property on a large property listing website. Your property would be shown alongside thousands of others with your only way to complete being to reduce your rates. Today, many rental apartment owners are turning to creating their own website as a way of breaking away from such over competitive marketing techniques.

Creating a website using our apartment management software allows you to present just your apartment to potential guests. There is no such thing as competition when you own your website. Owning your own website also gives you much more control over its content. Large listing websites control what information you can display on your listing and you’re usually restricted to a certain number of photos and characters. Creating a website with vabooki allows you to manage your properties web presence without such restrictions. You can let your creative juice flow freely.

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