Vacation rental templates explained

Here at Vabooki we’ve invested a lot of time into designing and developing high quality web design templates for your vacation rental property. Templates form the basis of your website and they define your websites layout, style and colour scheme (with the odd exception). It’s important that when you come to creating your website with Vabooki that you select the correct web design template to match the style and feel of your property. Of course there is the option to change your websites template at a later point.

Our team of web designers have created templates to match every type of rental property. So how do you know which to choose? This is a tough question to answer as every property and property owner is different. However, for guidance we’ve created a small guide on how to choose the correct style of template for your rental property.


Colour is extremely important when selecting a theme for your vacation rental. If you own a property in Greece you are likely to want to choose a clean and simple design that can accommodate your likely colour scheme of whites and blues. If however you own natural retreat in Africa you will want to select a design that reflects this. Maybe a design that allows you to use a range of greens and browns or even a design that allows you to add a large image of your retreat.


Layout is the structure of your website. Here at Vabooki we try to keep our templates as flexible as possible. With this said there are still some considerations to be made. Our designers have created multiple layouts for each design. These will usually be along the lines of; a homepage, a short header, a long header and no header at all. Obviously if the page you are creating is to be the homepage you will 99% of the time want to select the homepage layout. Homepage layouts usually focus more on images than content. Remaining layouts usually define the size of the header image on the page.


Vabooki’s unique website builder is designed to allow you to be as creative as you like with your websites content. Many other website builders will simply give you the ability to enter text into a text box. Vabooki allows you to actually drag and drop components or widgets directly on to your website. You can control where they appear on your site and how they look.

Remember, Vabooki is always adding new themes so be sure to always checkout the theme tab in the website builders site settings panel.

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