Vacation Travel / Packing Checklist

You have worked hard all year and the thought of sipping Mojitos on a sun lounger is the image that you have clung to through the long cold months. Now that the time is drawing near the last thing you want to do is create those all essential to do lists to ensure your annual vacation goes off without a hitch. Being avid travelers we here at Vabooki decided to create a one for you, a one off checklist covering every possible need you will have, so all there is left to do is put your feet up and relax.

A month before you travel:

1 – Find out if any vaccinations or medications are required for your destination.

2 – Confirm travel arrangements to and from the airport.

3 – Check to see if the country you wish to visit requires you to obtain a visa.

4 – If you reside in Europe and are travelling within the European Union ensure you have a valid European Health Insurance card (EHIC), this ensure that should the worst happen you will not be leaving a foreign hospital with a large hospital bill.

5 – Do your research on the area by either purchasing a guide book or printing information from the internet both options ensure you will get all you want from your trip.

2 weeks before you travel:

1 – Make sure you order the currency for the country in which you are visiting. It is always a good idea to compare the exchange rates offered by Currency Exchange agencies as the amount can vary considerably between each vendor.

2 – Make copies of all important documents including your passport, insurance policies, itineraries and visas so should the worse happen you will not ruin your holiday or be stranded in a foreign country. It is always a good idea to keep these copies separate from the originals both when travelling and when you have arrived at your destination. Additionally you can upload all these documents to then they will be easily available anywhere with internet access.

3 – Ensure you have received all the paperwork required from the airlines, hotels, transfers etc. If there is something you are still expecting, now is a good time to follow this up.

2 days before travel:

1 – Check airline baggage restrictions and ensure your luggage meets these requirements. Some airlines are a little more lenient than others however large baggage fines can be imposed if your luggage is overweight so it is best to make sure your bag stays within the weight allowances.

2 – Reconfirm flight times with airport to ensure there are no long delays or changes.

3 – If you have a pet ensure that those taking care of them are aware where the food is kept etc. Additional the number of your local vet and pet insurance details should be provided to those looking after your animals should they need it.

4 – Leave a spare house key with the trusted neighbor or family member you don’t want to return from a wonderful Vacation to discover you have lost your key and unable to get into your house.

Day of travel:

1 – Place your tickets, visas, passports and currency securely in a travel bag; try to keep them in the order in which you will need them.

2 – Do one final check with the airline to ensure there are no last minute delays.

3 – Check everything in the house is turned off this will prevent unwanted extra expense and possible accidents.

4 – In winter either leave the heating on at a minimal to prevent the water pipes from freezing or alternatively turn the water off at the mains. Both are sufficient however turning the water off at the mains will prevent additional costs to the household bills.

5 – Finally check all doors and windows are locked securely and that you have all items needed for your vacation. In part two we will cover what you should pack in your suitcases to ensure a smooth problem free vacation.

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