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in this article we'll explore why it's so important to create a website on the Internet for your vacation rental property. We'll also touch on the issues facing many property owners when venturing into the online vacation property market and how these can be very easily avoided.

What is a Vacation Rental Website?

A "vacation rental website" allows a rental property owner to advertise their property on the World Wide Web. Unlike many other advertising mediums, the Internet offers your property to millions of perspective guests with little effort or expense.

A website for a vacation rental should present the property in such a way to meet your target audience. For example, if you mainly cater to business travellers, your website should represent this with a business theme. On the other hand, if your property is a nature reserve using such a design is unlikely to tempt guests. Instead, you choose a website template that reflects your properties countryside location and natural environment.

How to create a Vacation Rental Website?

Creating a website for the first time can be a daunting prospect of late nights and lots of coffee! Fortunately, vacation rental software has been created to make creating a website for your property easier than ever before! The team behind Vabooki have done all the hard work for you (and drank all the coffee!) so that you can create a unique website for your property without ever writing a single line of code.

Vabooki's unique drag and drop interface allows you to click and drag photos, maps, videos and many other widgets directly on to pages on your website. We combine the latest in web technologies, industry expertise and audience testing to ensure Vabooki is not only easy to use but fit for one sole purpose, to advertise your rental property online.

So, why should you create a website for your property?

Let me ask you one question - When was the last time you booked a vacation without using the Internet? 5 years? 10years? Well, research suggest 95% of vacation bookings now involve the Internet news it's showing no sign of slowing down! Not having a website for your rental property could mean your missing out on many potential bookings.

So what's the difference between a property listing website and a website created using Vabooki?

Control! Property listing websites are simply large catalogues of rental properties. On such websites, property owners are forced to compete side by side with other properties with lowering rates being the only option to stand out from the crowd. Unlike online listing websites, your Vabooki website is dedicated to only your property. You have control over the reviews you present, the photos you show and the rates you quote. You don't have to worry about the rates of your neighbours because it's unlikely visitors to your website will ever consider them over you. You have your potential guests full attention.

Still not convinced? Vabooki is completely free to try for 14 days (and we don't ask for any card details) so why not give us a try and see what a fabulous new website can do for your vacation rental business!

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