Many search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo prefer to see as much high quality content on your website as possible. It's for this reason that we place no limit on the number of pages you can add to your website. You can even create pages which you might not want the average user to access by removing them from your website menu. This is great for booking terms which are provided to guests upon placing a booking.
Like pages, we also place no limit on the number of photos, galleries, slideshows, videos and maps you can add to your website.
Absolutly not! We've kept our payment plans as similar as possible. There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime. As soon as you cancel no further payments will be taken from your account.
Cancelling is easy. Just send an email to and our member of our support team will cancel your account for you. While your cqncellation is in progress, if a payment is taken we'll be happy to refund it!

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