Dragon card layout

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The nature of the reward is that it will be issued to either side for at least 4 consecutive times. Here, let us see if in the last 4 times it has only been issued to one side or not, such as Dragon – Dragon – Dragon – Dragon or Tiger – Tiger – Tiger – Tiger, etc. If this design continues, we can stab at it, assuming that the last 4 times were only on the tiger side. In this way, let us stab the tiger accordingly.

In fact, the decks are not just these two. It also has many forms. Only the table tennis card and the dragon card layout are easy to read and understand quickly. As for anyone who is interested in studying other types of cards, the better. It will give us more chances to win.

dragon card layout

Being good at reading the cards does not guarantee that we will always be able to win. However, there must have been some misses. Knowing how to walk money is another matter that should be studied. At least even if you lose, you should lose without losing money. The formula for walking money used in the industry online casino There are many more as well. So let’s go and see which money walking formula is suitable for the dragon tiger.

ping pong card layout

Or there is another name that the card layout is alternating, that is, it will issue rewards alternating between two sides like we hit ping-pong. How to read to see if in the last 3 times the results came out to alternate winning sides or not, such as dragon – tiger – dragon or tiger – dragon – tiger. If this is the UFABET case in the next turn, let us place bets on the opposite side of the last time. Assuming that the result is Tiger – Dragon – Tiger, next we can bet on the Dragon side and wait.