Dragon Tiger Money Walking Formula

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Gambling while having to play and lose. The important thing is how to lose without losing money and here are 2 money walking formulas that I will take you to know each other. In which the first formula has been guaranteed by the gamblers that even if they lose 4 times 4 times, but if the 5th time we win, we will get the capital back and get a profit. which Just win 3 times and get your money back for sure. Let’s go and see what formula it is, how to use it, and whether there are conditions or restrictions.

Dragon Tiger Money Walking Formula

Martingale money walk formula

It is regarded as the most popular money-walking formula among the people who play Dragon Tiger ever. The money walk system will divide the bet into 5 rounds, also known as 5 stages / stick. The way to use it is simple, we have to roll up 1 time of the bet in the last losing round. Keep doing this until you win. If you win, then come back and start over. The highlight of it is that we have 4 chances to lose. If we can win the 5th time, we will get back all the lost capital plus 1 unit of profit.

For those who can use this money formula, they need at least 100 units of capital. If we are going to UFABET bet 100 baht per time, it is necessary to have a capital of 10,000 baht.