‘Sterling’ big surprise leaked from the real ‘City’ made the team transfer.

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Raheem Sterling, the winger, is very surprised. The real position in the Manchester City team last season. Even trying to show good form but in vain. So had to move out on a new adventure with Chelsea.

Chelsea forward Raheem Sterling has revealed he was surprised to lose his place at Manchester City last season. Causing the need to look for a new club to play Before moving to the residence at Stamford Bridge this summer. With the aim of winning the UEFA Champions League. Which is the only trophy he has never had in his career.

'Sterling' big surprise leaked from the real 'City' made the team transfer.

The 27-year-old has been a key player for City after joining from Liverpool in 2015 at the Etihad Stadium. Winning four Premier League titles five League Cups and the FA Cup One time. However, the England winger had to sit on the UFABET bench for the most part last season. Therefore decided to move to be a member of Thomas Tuchel ‘s team for a fee of 47.5 million pounds or approximately 2,090 million baht.

“It’s a big surprise to lose the title,” Sterling said. “It’s a big surprise. sudden change of events It’s something I have to deal with and that’s why I’m here. The manager, myself and the people at the club know the reason. I try to play football and overcome that situation to get back into the starting XI. But it can’t be done. So I have to keep walking.”

At the same time, the good footballer also said that he hasn’t played in the Champions League with Chelsea yet. They’ve already won championships. but he has not yet He came here to try to lead the team to win this trophy again. He still doesn’t know How well will it work? But will go on the field and try to help the team as much as possible as they did before.

Sterling started the Blues’ first match in the 2022-2023 Premier League with a narrow 1-0 win over Everton on Saturday, August 6. past Their next match will be played at home in the London derby against the well- formed Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, August 14.