Yungthong footballer hits hard after hotel footage goes viral

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Leeds United players have been heavily condemned online. After the clip of them leaving their hotel before the game went viral. Before the Premier League game last night

    Leeds United players have been heavily criticized on social media after clips of them ignoring fans. The team hotel went viral, with Piers Morgan among thousands of people who referred to the players as “the trolls.” “Selfish arrogant bastards” on Twitter. However, the Yung Thong army traveled from the UFABET team’s hotel on Sunday morning, April 30, 2023, before the Premier League game to the Vitality Stadium to meet. with Bournemouth

Yungthong footballer hits hard after hotel footage goes viral

         There is a small group of football fans. Gather together in the players’ hotel to meet them. Some people carry sticky notes in their hands in hopes of signing their favorite players. While some might want to ask for a selfie or even a high five, however, all those supporters were ignored by the players. They walked straight past the hotel exit with deadpan eyes. Some players wore headphones and stared at their phones as they walked past the fans. without even glancing at them. A boy in full Leeds uniform waved to two players with a smiling face but was ignored. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the fans. Especially that young man

   Mail Sport said they had contacted Leeds United for comment on the case, with The Athletic’s Adam Crafton tweeting: “Maybe this has happened under previous managers, e.g. each other, and they just can’t see But sad to see from the outside. This view seems to conclude that [Marcelo] Bielsa’s (former Leeds manager) leadership, who was so focused on the players who appreciate the sacrifices of those ordinary Leeds supporters, is dead. ”

         needless to say The clip drew widespread criticism on Twitter. A large number of people, including fans of Leeds have vented their anger out whether “I didn’t notice until I watched it again. But Leeds security was standing in front of the boy to make sure he was interacting with the players. taken with But..maybe just take off the headphones and interact with humans once in a while, you guys might play better”, “The little boy just wanted to wave to his hero. Why is the team so broken? Give that young man a high five or something #lufc”, “Don’t waste too much time greeting people who admire you. Today’s footballers … can’t stand it”, ” To @LiamCooper__ So embarrassing – how did you as captain let this happen? This is not what it means to be a Leeds player. Calm down a bit.”

  Why do Leeds players ignore the fans? The footage appeared to show Leeds officials ordering the players to walk past. Whether it’s intentional or not But he stood in the way of the young man who was waving to the players. Players may be instructed to ignore the supporters and walk to the team bus due to time constraints. Leeds kick-off at 2pm, however this is still unclear. As the Yung Thong side lost 4-1 to Bournemouth, supporters who attended the Vitality Stadium clearly expressed their feelings towards the players, shouting: “You don’t deserve to wear this shirt. “They are currently 16th in the Premier League table, just one point from the relegation zone. And there are 4 more matches remaining.