Menu of 5 food groups that are “made to order” food that is easy to eat and beneficial.

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A menu of 5 food groups that will give you complete nutrition in each meal, reduce health problems , and increase strength for the body all around.

Many people do not give importance to getting all 5 nutrient groups in every meal for good health. Sometimes causing health problems to occur. Whether it’s a minor issue like constipation to lack of certain nutrients.

But during the rush Plus the lifestyle of some people who have to be alone. Eating quick, easy food like “made to order food” that has nutrients according to the 5 food groups is an option that we shouldn’t neglect. and can choose to eat often Easily switch between menu items.

Menu of 5 food groups that are "made to order" food that is easy to eat and beneficial.

Menu of 5 food groups that are “made to order”

  1. Stir-fried meat with basil over rice
    Delicious fried rice with basil that is easy to find. There are almost every restaurant that offers made-to-order food. Or you can make it yourself at home, it’s also easy. If you want to have all 5 groups in a focused way, you should add a little more vegetables, such as yardlong beans, baby corn, onions or carrots, etc., to increase mineral salts. and vitamins for this meal In addition to flour from rice Fat from cooking oil and protein from meat (Don’t forget to choose low-fat meat such as chicken (without skin) and low-fat minced pork. or egg tofu, etc.)

    for people who want to eat basil but are afraid of getting fat. You can reduce energy from this dish by using olive oil in cooking. Choose chicken breast, dolly fish fillet. (or other low-fat meat) and if you want to eat eggs, supplement with the full option. Choose to fry poached eggs Fry without oil Or you can change to boiled eggs as well.
  1. Rice with stir-fried vegetables and oyster sauce add meat
    Rice with stir-fried vegetables and oyster sauce You can change vegetables and meat as you like. Whether it’s stir-fried mixed vegetables, cauliflower vegetables, stir-fried broccoli, stir-fried green peas, stir-fried kale, stir-fried branches, stir-fried morning glory, stir-fried water mimosa, etc. to contain mineral salts and vitamins. Plus flour from rice oil from cooking oil and meat as you like (Emphasis on low-fat meat as always)
  2. noodles
    In 1 bowl of noodles, you can easily have all the groups. They get carbohydrates (starch) from noodles. Protein from meat (chicken, pork, beef, duck, etc.) and bean sprouts, peanuts, minerals and vitamins from various vegetables such as morning glory, kale, radish, basil, bok choy, sweet spinach, lettuce, etc., and fat from cooking oil. But don’t accidentally over-season the soup. Be careful with sodium.
  3. fried rice
    Fried rice is another menu item that we can create as you wish. In addition to rice being an important carbohydrate We can choose from a variety of meat proteins, whether it’s chicken, pork, shrimp, squid, or others. Including eggs is also a protein. Vegetables that can be added include kale, tomatoes, onions, and carrots that provide both minerals and vitamins. and fat from cooking oil used in stir-frying.
  4. Sukiyaki
    Favorite menu for people who are controlling their weight. But you get all 5 food groups because the carbohydrates from vermicelli are definitely lower in energy than rice and noodles. Plus you get protein from meat and eggs. Mineral salts and vitamins from various vegetables such as morning glory, Chinese cabbage, celery, etc. in higher quantities than starch. But don’t accidentally add too much dipping sauce. Be careful of excessive sodium intake as well.