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If you’ve arrived at this page it’s because you understand the importance of having a website design for your vacation rental property. A website allows you to present your property to millions of potential guests in a format to suite you and your business. The issue is that creating such a website can cost a hefty sum. Although expensive, Web designers are skilled individuals with many years experience and creating a vacation rental website design for you is time out of their day, time that can cost up to £250 per hour.

This is where Vabooki comes in, Vabooki uses the latest in website design technology to make you the web designer! There are no courses or programming languages to learn, no advanced computer skills, you just need to be able to use a mouse and keyboard. Our software does everything for you and allows you to drag components such as images, text, videos and maps directly on to your bed and breakfast website. Unlike hiring a website designer you won’t need to wait weeks to have your website updated. Instead, Vabooki allows you to make changes to your own website which are updated instantly.

Now that you know what we do. Let me introduce three key advantages of using a Vabooki theme:

They’re professional and on trend

All our themes are designed by experienced web designers who understand the requirements of vacation rental owners. They know what’s on trend in the fast pace industry and how to make use of design patterns to ensure your website is as user friendly as possible.

Google love them

Most of your visitors are likely to come to your website directly from Google. These visitors are known as ‘organic traffic’ and our themes have been created so that search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will love your website. We’ve ensured your website makes use of leading search engine optimisation techniques to give you the best chance of reaching position one on Google.

You can update them instantly

They work flawlessley with the Vabooki Website Builder. The Vabooki Website Builder allows you to interact directly with your website. If you want to update a peice of text or add a new video of your bed and breakfast you can do so in seconds for the world to see!

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