5 anti-aging foods, want to maintain the youth Hurry up and find something to eat.

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wrinkles or aging and an aging body are things that no one wants to happen to themselves. Including those you love But aging is one of the natural mechanisms created by the body. In today’s world, no one can avoid or escape it, not even the young people will one day encounter aging that happens to the body. In this article, we would like to take you to meet with 5 anti-aging foods. That men should not miss if they do not want to get old quickly.

5 anti-aging foods, want to maintain the youth Hurry up and find something to eat.

5 anti-aging foods for a forever handsome man

We have compiled 5 anti-aging foods that men should not miss as follows.

1. centella asiatica

bitter herbs But rich in benefits. Both having the ability to heal wounds or to cure inflammation that occurs in the body. And another important property that helps slow down aging is Centella asiatica can strengthen collagen or strengthen the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

2. Holy Basil

One of the herbs that has become a favorite dish of young people with its unique aroma and flavor that adds to the flavor of food. The properties of holy basil range from helping to reduce blood sugar levels. Which is often found when growing older Including basil can also help prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s as well.

3. Ganoderma lucidum

Let’s go to the most precious herb from China. Which is the Lingzhi mushroom, which is rich in properties related to the blood system. Whether it’s stimulating blood flow or balancing blood flow to different parts of the body, including the genitals. Ganoderma lucidum therefore contributes to the strength of masculinity.


A yellow herb that is an ingredient in many Thai dishes. And the yellow color of turmeric is packed with important substances like curcumin. Which is considered an important antioxidant found naturally. Curcumin will help fight free radicals that the skin has to face from dust, smoke or sunlight, making the skin not dull or wrinkle.

5. Krachai

Another herb that is often found in Thai red curry recipes. And Krachai is classified as the herb of the top of the man with the ability to increase sexual performance. Helps men feel young all the time. together with antimicrobial activity on the part of bacteria. Krachai is classified as an herb to enhance the body’s immunity.

5 anti-aging foods that we have presented in the article. Many young people find that they are all food in the kitchen and can be bought or eaten easily. So how are you all wasting your time? Hurry up to eat anti-aging food to enhance the health of the lacking and to prevent the aging of the body. We may not be able to avoid aging. But you can definitely slow down the aging process. If eating the ทางเข้า ufabet food that we recommend to all 5 types on a regular basis